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Communication Ecology

Release date: 2018-12-24 16:03:25  

       New Doone provides the communication industry with the planning, construction and operation of Internet + channel, and integrates communication resources to provide government, enterprises and institutions with the planning, construction and operation of ICT overall solutions that based on Internet and IoT, to realize cooperation in channels, operations, capital and products, tap the value of communication big data, and serve social production and life. 

One of the largest “Internet +” channel planning, construction and operation service providers for communication operators. 

Main products and services

1. Construction of Business Support System

2. Electronic Channel Sales Management Platform 

3. Store Life Cycle Management System

4. Internet and IoT Operations

5. ICSHOP Unified E-commerce Platform

6. ECP E-commerce Order Management

7. Big Data Application Service          

8. Centralized Monitoring Platform          

9. Block Cloud Platform         

10. Liuliushun  11. e + Pay

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