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Empower the Traditional Agriculture: New Doone Smart Agriculture Accelerates the Agricultural Information Construction for Xiangyang, Hubei

Release date: 2018-12-07 10:37:36  

Lately, New Doone was awarded the Construction of Agricultural IoT Information Service Platform for Xiangyang City project, further expanding the company’s smart agriculture business market.

In 2018, in order to solve the persistent problems in the agricultural industry chain, including high circulation cost, redundant intermediate links in circulation and high transaction cost, Xiangyang City proposed the need of building an agricultural IoT information service platform. With the successful experience of implementing its Smart Agriculture solution in a number of provinces and cities, New Doone was recognized by the Xiangyang Municipal Government of Hubei Province.

New Doone will build the Agricultural IoT Information Service Platform for Xiangyang City by using WEB and GIS location as well as H5 interface, Internet+ and IoT, and utilizing the mobile app development technology to develop the mobile service functions of the agricultural platform.

Considering the need of smart agriculture development from the city’s Agriculture Committee, relying on the consistent data standard, and based on the “3-in-1” master design plan of smart agriculture service system, the construction of Business Demonstration Platform, Agriculture IoT Management Platform and Agricultural Data Monitoring Platform will be integrated to realize application of multiple systems by a one-off installation.

With the Agricultural IoT Information Service Platform, New Doone will help Xiangyang City to become a demonstration city of modern agriculture with distinctive characteristics, advanced formats and innovative mechanism, form the pilot pattern of multi-point support, and drive Xiangyang’s modernization of the Internet+ agriculture and construction of the e-commerce operation center and e-commerce platform, thus facilitating Xiangyang’s agriculture modernization and enhancing the overall agricultural competitiveness.

For a long time, by long-term accumulation of technologies and project experience in the field of smart agriculture, New Doone has built a new smart agriculture eco-system covering agricultural production, operation, service and management, such as Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform, Agricultural IoT Application Platform, Quality and Safety Tracing Platform for Agricultural Products, and One Nong Smart Farm, which have been applied in a lot of cooperation projects and highly appreciated by the partners. In the future, New Doone will continue to follow the rural revitalization strategy, develop innovative technologies and solutions, and build agricultural modes with local characteristics together with its partners to drive the development of modern agriculture and increase the agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income.


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