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New Doone’s Software Product Entered 3-year Rolling Cultivation and Development Program for Famous Products in Fujian

Release date: 2018-12-07 10:16:54  

In light of the Suggestions on the Implementation of Accelerating the Construction of a Province of High Quality through the Quality Improvement Action issued by the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Fujian Provincial Government, Fujian Provincial Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision has established the 3-year Rolling Cultivation and Development Program for Famous Products in Fujian (2019-2021), in which 1,465 products are listed, including 1,195 industrial products, 198 agricultural products and 72 software products.

Among them, there are products from 11 companies located in Fuzhou Software Park, including Electronic Channel Software for China Telecom from New Doone.

Positioned as a communication software and service provider since its early establishment, New Doone has served more than 300 million communication users in 17 years. It is a professional supplier who pioneered providing the “Internet+” channel planning, construction and operation services for telecom operators in China. Currently, it is providing business support platform (such as online, mobile, SMS and Wechat business halls, self-service terminals, intelligent customer service, and online mall), business management platform, precision marketing platform and professional operation service for the electronic channels of telecom operators. 

In recent years, New Doone has continued to give full play to its advantages in communication R&D and operation and integrate communication resources to provide the government organs, enterprises and institutions with planning, construction and operation services of Internet- and IoT-based ICT turnkey solutions, achieve cooperation in channel, operation, capital and product, explore the value of communication big data, and serve the social production.

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