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New Doone Joins Hands with Eden Town to Build the Agricultural Brand in Chengdu Hi-tech Park

Release date: 2018-12-07 10:36:21  

Recently, Fall Harvest Hotbed Chives Exhibition was successfully held in the Hotbed Chives Industrial Park, Lianghe Village, Tanguan Township, Chengdu Hi-tech Park. Nearly 200 people attended this event, including Chengdu Hi-tech Park Overall Urban and Rural Development Bureau, Tanguan Township, New Doone, Sichuan Eden Town Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., agriculture-related leaders, experts and scholars, hotbed (Chinese) chive farmers from nearby townships and the masses.

During the event, New Doone, Eden Town and Tanguan Township Fuyou Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative entered into a framework agreement regarding the strategic partnership for construction of a branded agricultural e-commerce system.

New Doone will join hands with Eden Town to implement standardized farm production and information-based management on the hotbed chive growth base in Lianghe Village with the help of the “Internet+” platform; and establish an agricultural e-commerce brand marketing matrix by building the agricultural product brand with the Internet as a medium, thus expanding the distribution channels of hotbed chives and realizing the brand building in the segmented product field. New Doone will continue to help the agricultural products from the Hi-tech Park to enter the broad market and make a joint effort to build the innovative agricultural e-commerce marketing model and e-commerce system for the Hi-tech Park.

Earlier, the hotbed chive branded products built by New Doone for Lianghe Village have been put up for sale on platforms including,, the incubation mall and intelligent community built by New Doone. With the new packaging, the hotbed chives from Lianghe Village have been exposed extensively and well received by the market and users. This event further drives the interaction between online and offline marketing of the hotbed chives and also strengthens the brand influence of the hotbed chive industry in the Hi-tech Park.

For a long time, with its experience advantage in the field of agriculture and by using the Internet and IoT technologies, New Doone has built a batch of characteristic e-commerce brands of agricultural products, which have been implemented in many provinces and cities throughout China with an aim to realize brand premium and industrial upgrade for the agricultural products. In the future, New Doone will continue to seize the opportunities brought by the rural revitalization strategy, rely on the Internet and IoT technologies, make great efforts to develop the intelligent agriculture business, promote the agricultural modernization and make more contributions to the rural revitalization.

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