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[Stars of New Doone] The happy workers of Doone on Egret Island

Release date: 2017-07-02 23:13:12  

[Stars of New Doone] The happy workers of Doone on Egret Island


There is a team of happy workers in Xiamen who works hand in hand, with directions, goals and results to continuously bring glory to the parent company New Done Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. They are young, passionate and conscientious – they are the team in Maker Space.


In the name of love: creating a force of influence


Under the leadership of Xiamen Dong Dong Dong President Cao Zhen, the team has blossomed to become a helpful, courageous and positive group. They share the same passion and are proactive in all projects assigned as they eager work to become the best content creators in Xiamen.


In 2015, New Doone Science &Technology Co. Ltd.’s subsidiary Xiamen Dong Dong Dong Ecommerce Co.,Ltd (DEC) builds on the current B2B foundation to extend and create a customer-oriented H&L creation space. The company focuses mainly on 4 aspects: e-commerce, OTT software/hardware creation and application, smart technologies creation and applications and knowledge management. In 2017, the company is involved in Smart City developments as they help to provide conducive office space, finance consultation services, project evaluation services, and management of resources and capital.


With constant changes in the dual-track system, there has been changes in the management of creation space. Paired with the right training, DEC aims to move from the internal e-commerce towards the cross-border e-commerce. TatwahSmartech assists in providing training for increased competencies in OCT, Internet, and creator software like Java, IOS, Android and H5. Through a year of hard work, there are now a total of 33 registered enterprises. Most of them are software firms, e-commerce firms and technological based firms. Maker Space is also now an exemplary example for counterparts as they were awarded “Xiamen Creator Space” in 2016, an affirmation towards the influence and competencies for Maker Space.


JinGuo Women’s entrepreneurship, reaping multi-dimensional rewards


Maker Space eager seeks to work with new partners and in 2016, Maker Space signed ‘Jimei District Women’s Crowd Innovation service plan’ agreement with Xiamen Ji Mei Women Association. This project targets female university students, women in rural estates and full-time home makers in providing professional consultation services and professional training services. So far, there has been 30 classes and more than 500 participants. The project is well-received and positively reported and publicised on Xiamen Newspaper. In 2017, Xiamen Ji Mei Women Association continues to work with Maker Space in making a difference for women for all walks of life. With strong core competencies and passionate in creation, Maker Space was named the offical “Xiamen Jin Guo Creation Base” in 2016. Following, in 2017, Maker Space was further named “Fujian JinGuo Creation Base”.


Doone Entity Fund: boost to professional creation space


For further improvement, Maker Space aims to create partnership between Ji Mei Investment Co. and China’s top 50 investment companies cum parent company Doone Investment Co. Ltd. With investment funds of 100 million RMB, Doone Investment Co. Ltd. is focused on Internet and technological creation space, to give full aid to Maker Space.


Tatwah Smartech: creation in professional space



In creating core competencies and professional image, Maker Space eagerly connects the right platforms and works with the right partners. In 2016, Tatwah Smartech held their “2016 Tatwah Smartech Cross-Straits launch and media reception ceremony”. The launch promoted the integration of Space Creation into Smart City developments, while promoting the optimal opportunity for all relevant departments and teams with various technological expertise to interact with each other.



From left to Right: DEC President - Cao Zhen, Tatwah Smartech VP - Jiang Hui, Ji Mei Regional Leader - He Dong Ning, Tatwah President – Chen Rongsheng, Tatwah CEO – Liu Jie, Ji Mei Regional Assistant Leader – Li ZongZe


Mutual growth and joy in work


New Doone Science & Technology Co. Ltd.’s subsidiary company DEC President – Cao Zhen is a graceful, humble and positive leader. She advocates “joy in work, joy in life”. She places great emphasis on mutual care and concern, and aims to create a happy and flexible work environment while strengthening the camaraderie for everyone. She also hopes to help everyone realize their full potential.


On top of that, President Cao implemented mentorship scheme for new employees to be tagged to an experience staff in order to have comprehensive understanding of all aspects in the company - including culture, standard of procedures and for better integration into the company. This mentorship scheme is now a positive tradition in the company to effectively continue the company’s legacy.


As the members, team and space continues to grow, Maker Space aims to continue to improve and be an effective contribution to creation space and to the country. Moving on, Maker Space will continue to work hand in hand while leveraging on the company’s expertise to explore new spaces in order to provide even better services.


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