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Information Security

Release date: 2018-12-24 16:47:51  

NewDoone security

Newdoone Security is the core of New Doone's information security ecology, and an information security technology community that the Company endeavors to create. The community members cover information security technicians from over 90% of security companies and Internet companies in Fujian Province, forming a localized information security circle, precipitating information security knowledge and skills, providing students and IT practitioners with a channel to learn the knowledge and skills of information security, and creating a platform for technology communication and promotion for information security practitioners.

Training competition services

This training is based on many years of information security practices of New Doone, and the precipitation of information security technology of Newdoone Security. It has carefully designed professional information security courses and safety training platforms, and provided various cooperation modes to help enterprises and colleges cultivate information security professionals.

Information security services of enterprises

With reference to relevant international and domestic standards and years of practical experience, the information security assurance of New Doone Information adopts specialized security technology and procedures to help users improve the level of information security from multiple dimensions, and ensure users’ information security.

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